When are Fetishes a Problem?

Some fetishes can definitely improve your sexual life, but in case they are bizarre or they involve some sort of danger then it would be better to talk to a therapist in order to find out why you actually have these thoughts. We will talk a bit more detailed about this subject so that you know exactly when fetishes can become a real problem.


First of all, you must know that every person in this world has at least one fetish. Some of them have the courage to put them into practice whereas others don’t try anything new due to several reasons. As long as your fetish is not painful and weird you can have a go and try it with your partner in order to improve your sexual life. According to a recent study, the most popular fetishes involve body parts such as feet, or body features such as tattoos, piercings, or even obesity. That fetish with the feet is by far the most common, and that one with body size, body fluid, or hair fetishes are not very far either. Men and women alike have this type of fetishes and it is perfectly right as long as they don’t harm anyone.


When it comes to the causes of these fetishes, experts do not agree on them. Some individuals can trace their attraction back to the childhood before they actually were aware of their own sexuality. Furthermore, fetishes can also come from watching inappropriate sexual behaviour during childhood or even from sexual abuse. A sexual fetish is certainly not a disorder by definition, but it can easily reach that level if it causes lasting and intense distress. When the fetish becomes a disorder, it feels out of control. A person who has a disorder like this will often disappear from work or home in order to practice their fetish in secret. This is something truly fascinating for these people and it can even keep them from doing their job. For example, a physician can have a feet fetish and spend a long period of time and attention on his patients.


Those individuals who deal with this type of disorders could also steal to get the object of their desire. Quite often, they are not able to have a meaningful sexual relationship with other people. They sometimes prefer to have time alone with their object, even if they are actually in a relationship with another person. We will give you an example so that you understand better when a fetish is a real problem. If your partner says that he wants to see you wearing high heels tonight you will definitely feel very good and both of you will spend an amazing night together, but if your partner says to you to sleep in another room so that he spends time just with your shoes, then this is without a doubt something wrong and sick and your partner must talk to a therapist. You get the point, right?


Everything is permitted in the bedroom between two people who want the same things, but as long as it doesn’t cause any sort of pain or injuries. Once fetishes get to another level, it is highly recommended to seek for help in order to understand yourself better and be able to live a healthy life from the mental point of view.

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