The Most Popular Fetishes in the UK

We all know that the United Kingdom is the place where you can be yourself and do whatever you want to do because the people are very open-minded. The things are the same even when it comes to sexual experiences. English people and not only are open to trying new things in bed, no matter how crazy they seem to others. Here are some of the most popular fetishes in the UK that you probably haven’t heard about.


Rubber, Latex, or Leather

All these materials are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. English people find really exciting everything that involves rubber, latex, or leather. They have all sort of fetishes with these materials. The thrill comes from the very tight material which basically acts like a type of sexual bondage. For some people, the smell of these materials is also a turn on. The fetish can range from wearing a latex catsuit to something really different such as a gas mask.


Filming It

This fetish is incredibly popular at the moment in the UK. The reason could be the fact that porn is so endemic, or maybe it is because having a smartphone means that you can actually film yourself without using the video camera. It is super easy and comfortable and anyone can do it. However, watching the movie afterward can be super exciting and interesting. If you are not up for filming yourself, you can also go for voice recording yourself which can also be extremely sexy.



This fetish was once seen extremely weird and seedy, but not anymore. It is very common in England and people from here are open to play all sort of roles in bed as long as it satisfies them. BDSM is about one person who is being dominant whereas the other one is being submissive. Of course, this game can be quite fun and attractive as long as you are not hurt and you are not hurting your partner either.


Foot Worship

Even if this fetish is common in many countries, it is put into practice a lot in England. This is actually the most popular fetish that involves non-genital body parts. Even if you are not into this type of fetish you will still enjoy a lot having your toes sucked. After all, who doesn’t like a food massage, not to mention the fact that it is very simple to put into practice and you don’t have to buy all sort of objects to satisfy your fantasies.


Swinging and Group Sex

Most people will find swinging and group sex quite disgusting, but the truth is that this fetish is very common and popular at the same time in the United Kingdom. There are lots of couples who go to swinging clubs and have sex with strangers. Furthermore, there are couples who even arrange to meet another couple for sex at their house. Possibilities are multiple when it comes to group sex and swinging and England is one of those countries where you can try everything you want without being afraid that you will be judged.

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