Bizarre Fetishes Some People Have

Fetishes can make your sexual life extremely vibrant and interesting as long as both partners want to try new things together. Furthermore, as long as what you try doesn’t hurt you, then it is perfect. However, there are people who try so many weird stuff that you would probably not believe they come up with such crazy ideas. Here are some examples of bizarre fetishes some people have.



In case you don’t know what this is we will reveal the mystery for you. Coulrophilia is actually a sexual attraction to clowns, which is definitely the opposite of how you feel about them. Women mostly have this type of fetish, and they usually ask their partner to dress up in a clown costume in order to satisfy their desires.


Believe it or not, there are people who strip naked and tie themselves to trees. They find pleasure in this and they either do it alone or with their partners. Even if this is not something that can hurt you, it is without a doubt quite weird and unusual. We can truly say that this fetish is bizarre.


This is the act of fetishing criminals. It is often seen in those women who fall in love from a distance with infamous felons as Peter Sutcliffe or Charles Manson. Psychologists think that these women, subconsciously want the thrill of being related to someone quite famous that they will never have to live with. Very weird, indeed!


Some people have fantasies of watching people freeze. This type of activity provided them pleasure, which is certainly not normal, and this fetish is extremely bizarre. Psychologists say that these people have lots of chances to even become criminals in the future. Therefore, if you ever meet a person who has this type of fetish, just make sure you stay away from him in order to protect yourself.


This fetish certainly involves pain. Being struck in the groin is actually something that arouses some men. It is hard to believe but it is unfortunately true. Ballbusting involves men who like to get hurt in the testicles and women who like very much to do the hurting.


Mirrors definitely get some people going. This type of fetish involves masturbating in front of a mirror and even having total orgies in front of mirrors. Those who have this fetish usually install mirrors in each room of their house.


A fetish like this can be for most of us absolutely disgusting but not for some people. Coprophilia means that you can get sexual satisfaction from feces. Most people who have this bizarre fetish don’t go further than enjoying the sight of another individual defecating. This is not everything because there is an even weird subcategory of this fetish, which is called ”coprophagia”, and it represents sexual gratification from eating feces.


Unfortunately, there are many women and men alike who enjoy this bizarre fetish. Basically, this is sex with animals, and even if it is not outlawed in some places, it is not explicitly condoned anywhere.

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